Cosmetic Dentistry

Immediate Dentures
Dentures which are placed the same day as the dental extractions are performed. This procedure is to avoid healing time with no dentures, most patients choose this option when dental extractions are needed.
Immediate Dentures — General Dentistry in Ocala,FL
Conventional Dentures
We offer 2 custom dentures to our patients, this selection is made at your consultation appointment depending on many different factors, one of which is whether or not you still have any natural teeth. The dentures that we make are using the highest quality materials and we have an on-site dental lab to assure the optimal outcome with any denture. We pride ourselves in providing the best denture available and we take all the necessary steps to assure this is achieved.
Conventional Dentures — General Dentistry in Ocala,FL
Implant Dentures
This is a denture which is fabricated to utilize implants to anchor your denture and keep it from moving in your mouth. This is a breakthrough procedure that offers our patients denture stability without having natural teeth. The denture that we fabricate will snap on to the components on your dental implant and you can freely eat what you want.
Implant Denture — General Dentistry in Ocala,FL
Partial Dentures
We offer a variety of Partial Dentures to suit your dental needs. Most common partial dentures are made with a metal frame which gives the partial wear resistance to assure longevity and comfort. We also offer Acrylic Partial, Flexible Partials and Hybrid Partials to suit your specific needs. The determination of what type of partial is best for you is determined at your exam appointment and will be decided between the dentist and you
Partial Dentures — General Dentistry in Ocala,FL