Cosmetic Dentistry

This is a dental cleaning for the regular recall patient. It is a routine cleaning with polish 2 to 3 times per year.
Cleaned Teeth — General Dentistry in Ocala,FL
Scaling and Root Planing
This is a procedure for a patient that has gum disease and is trying to maintain their dental health and prevent losing any teeth. We administer anesthesia to effected areas and the hygienist uses instrumentation to clean the root of the tooth to remove all debris and improve the health of the surrounding tissue. This procedure has a very high success rate but if further periodontal needs are observed patient may also be referred to a Periodontist
Root Planing — General Dentistry in Ocala,FL
Periodontal Maintenance
This procedure is for the Periodontal patient that has had periodontal treatment either in our office or at a specialist and they are trying to maintain the health of their gums. This procedure requires more frequent cleanings and special attention being paid to the specific needs of each individual periodontal patient
Maintenance — General Dentistry in Ocala,FL
Hygiene needs are determined during routine check ups and annual exams, all patients needs could be different based on your specific dental health and will be explained at time of visit.

Our office offers all of the treatment listed but it is not limited to many other options, we look forward to meeting you and establishing you as a patient in our office.

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